“The lasting impression”! This is what a person can comment wile witnessing the plague of acne. First, you need to cope with acne and then you need to put up with the marks! Everybody gets acne from time to time. Whatever it is called- acne, zit, pimple, nobody in the world is exempted from it. Regrettably, scars from acne are far worse and depressing than having acne in the first place. If you are confronting the same situation, the experts at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic in South Delhi, India can help you out with the progressive options of acne scar removal treatments.

About Doctor

Dr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon working and aiding committedly as a Senior Consultant in the field of cosmetic surgery at SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL, New Delhi, India.

Being one of the most well-known and laudable cosmetic surgeons in Delhi, he holds a titanic experience in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Vivek has immense knowledge about his work and has done comprehensive research in the pertinent sphere because of which, he received several awards for his exemplary work and role in surgery. Dr. Vivek’s believes in spreading the spirit of confidence and contentment around him for the betterment of patients.

About Clinic

SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, New Delhi is a pioneering center offering myriad options of acne scar removal treatment

It is the best acne scar treatment clinic that provides a perfect and comfy setting for carrying out all the acne scar treatments with the aid of high-end technology.

At the clinic, we have a team of proficient and talented surgeons, who understand the eminence of maintaining young looks and cheerful skin. This is why; our crew works unfailingly towards providing the patients with excellent and best acne scar treatment. The best part about the clinic is that here, all the procedures are implemented under the strict direction of Dr. Vivek Kumar.

Acne Scar Removal in Delhi, India

Acne scars are indeed the second chapter of an uninvited attack on one’s skin. A person gets unappealing acne and subsequently has to face the recap of it all in the form of the scars they leave behind. Obviously, the superlative way to treat acne is to do it quite early before they creep up to the point where a scar will form. However if scarring happens, rest assured as there are proven acne scar treatments in Delhi, India at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic that will improve their appearance with the leeway of complete deletion.

What exactly is acne and acne scar?

It is true that everyone would want to look attractive all along.

It is true that everyone would want to look attractive all along. The issue is that our skin makes its own oil and this oil can chokes up your pores and then cause acne and scars. As our bodies attempt to chase off this acne, it is in fact hurtful your skin in the course. It then leaves blemishes on your face and body that are called acne and scars. It occurs because of the scuffle that went on in that part of your body to open the blockage of the pores.

Treating acne scars

The acne scar treatments are determined by....

The acne scar treatments are determined by the brutality of the blemishes. When treating acne scars, the doctors at our clinic can recommend needle RF or chemical peels and even dermaroller treatment.

Now, we will discuss two most effective acne scar removal treatment options that doctors at SCULPT Clinic vouch for. Two of them are:

Collagen is a constituent in our skin that is majorly accountable for providing elasticity and tautness to it so that the skin seems to be young-looking and awash with vivacity. In Delhi at Our Clinic, Needle RF treatment for acne scars is a technique that aids to improve collagen level via needle stimulation. Acne that is triggered owing to ageing is definitely removed using this treatment and it makes you look fresh and peppy. The procedure is chiefly performed using a machine which comprises of micro needles. In the process, near about 25 micro needles are vaccinated in the affected area and then is treated consequently. The cycle of this treatment depends upon individual to individual. However, a customary cycle is of 3-6weeks, in which treatment is implemented for about 3-5 times, subject to the condition of the skin. The treatment is done by applying anesthetic balm. This ensures that the patient has trivial pain and to pacify that, a cream is given for maintenance. Control of depth is subjected to the skin.

Acne scars can be genuinely unacceptable, particularly for adolescents. They can be destructive for one’s self-image as individuals gain confidence if they have a radiant facial skin free from any blemishes. In the recent few years, the dermaroller treatment has grossed immense admiration amid folks who are searching for a remarkable treatment that can help them to dispose of the awful acne marks. In this process, usually, a machine called Dermaroller for acne scars removal. This machine is a medical micro-needling device, which actually encourages collagen formation in the skin without injuring it. The dermatologist analyses the skin that is unfavorably affected by the acne scars and recommends the length of treatment and the medications required that to be consumed. The treatment in Delhi is implemented under the pertinent anesthesia and causes momentary redness of the skin which might linger for up to 4 hours after treatment. Immediately after a dermaroller sitting, the face becomes slight pinkish to red. As per the skin type, the redness will subside in 1-2 days. However, regular checkup is advised for 3 weeks. Also, depending on how the skin reacts to derma roller, treatments may be advised to be repeated by the doctor, taking the severity and profundity of blemishing into prime contemplation. It is considered to be another type of effective treatment that has facilitated a lot of individuals.

Types Of Acne Scar

There are many categories of acne scars that can afflict people. Severe acne can result in very horrid acne scars that are molded like volcanoes and are categorized as:

These are the most common acne scars and are intensely pitted and typically reasonably small in size. These are commonly are found on the cheeks. They are named as such as they are similar to spikey edged lesions like those from an ice pick. The profounder the scar, the less possible it is to reverse by itself over time. The skin will look like it has been stabbed by a sharp instrument such as an ice pick. These kinds of scars will develop after a protracted cyst septicity that rescinds the skin tissue. Punch excision is the best ice-pick scars treatment in New Delhi, India that our clinic suggests.

These scars are more angular, resembling chicken pox marks, and are normally found on the temple and cheeks. These scratches may be either superficial or deep in appearance and may occur from just one or two, to many. If they are deep or wide, they can be quite obvious and can linger for many years. Boxcar scars can range from superficial to severe, which will be subjected to the quantity of tissue that is lost. Boxcar scars are usually round to oval shaped and have erect edges. The best boxcar acne treatment is resurfacing.

These scars are named so because they impart a ‘wave’ like appearance to the skin. Rolling scars leave a rolling or wave like effect on the skin. This transpires when fibrous bands of tissue develop between the outside layer of skin and the subcutaneous layer of skin. These bands will pull the epidermis tissue from within which generates the rolling effect on the skin. The best treatments rolling scars treatment is to break up the subcutaneous fibrous bands.




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